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Victoria is one of the areas in Australia that is at the greatest risk of damage and infestation from termites. They are also known as “white ants” and they are a highly destructive, subterranean pest. They cause millions of dollars of property damage each year to both homes and businesses throughout Altona, greater Melbourne, and regional Victoria.

Did you know that termites cause more property damage in Victoria than fires, flooding, rain, and tempests … combined? It’s true!

Finding and treating termites can be quite difficult as they often enter the home from the ground up. In this way, termites are very different to ants. The key to dealing with these invasive, destructive pests is prevention and immediate effective treatment when they do invade. The Pest Control Professional is the best option to ensure your home is protected against termites.

Termites, the Scourge of Victoria

The Pest Control Professional is an expert when it comes to termites and how best to treat them.

Termites live in underground colonies. They are several types of termites within each colony, based on the role they are intended to play. At the very top is the queen termite. Her only job is to produce more termites. The queen termite can produce more than 2,000 eggs per day and can live up to 25 years.

Looking after the queen and servicing the colony are the workers. They are blind, sterile, and live only to do work. Worker termites can also produce strong tubs that allow the termites to travel in exposed area with protection. These mud tubes are very distinct visually and if one is spotted in a neighborhood, it is a sure sign that there is a heavy infestation of termites. Once the colony is established, it can devastate a property within just three months.

The next caste of termite are the soldiers. They are most easily identified by their orange heads and larger pincers. Finally, the alates are the winged termites that fly away from the colony and seek to establish new ones. Any termites seen with wings spells a huge problem as there is likely a well-established, large colony near.

Termite Treatment & Control

Termites are cannibals. They eat their own dead. This is a key behaviour in treating termites effectively. Poison can be delivered into workers that eat the bait. When they die, the termite poison is then transferred through the colony as the dead workers are consumed. It’s a way to effectively treat an entire colony without having to rely on heavy, dangerous chemicals.

The termite treatment solutions used by the Pest Control Professional are completely safe for the family and household pets as well as being environmentally friendly.

In addition, there are a number of proactive steps that home builders can do to help make their properties more resistance to termite infestation. The Pest Control Professional can also help protect the home and business with protective treatments to drive away any potential termite scouts looking for a new property to consume.

Termite Control Services for Altona

The Pest Control Professional has been helping Altona homes and businesses since 2008. Our reputation is built on friendly, honest service with results that are both effective and completely safe.

Call the Pest Control Professional today for immediate help in dealing with termites and other sorts of pests at 0404 856 605!

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