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Termites, or white ants, are a real threat to the most populated areas in Australia. Victorian homes are at an incredible risk of infestation and damage from termites. These subterranean pests invade from beneath the ground and can go undetected until they have already caused considerable damage. Homeowners and businesses in Point Cook should consider annual treatments to prevent termite damage.

How much damage do termites inflict? If you combine all the damage from floods, fires, high winds, storms, and rain, termites still do more damage.

While termites look like ants, they actually descend from the same family as cock roaches. Their behaviour patterns are quite different than ants, as well. They invade from the ground, which means spotting them initially can be quite tough unless you are super vigilant or know where to look. The best way to control termites is through prevention. And when they do invade, you need effective treatment with immediate results. Each day wasted trying to treat termites with over the counter, harsh chemicals only hastens the damage inflicted.

The Pest Control Professional is the first option to protect your home or business against termites.

An Overview of Termites

The Pest Control Professional is a specialist when it comes to stopping termites and preventing them.

Termites live in sprawling underground colonies. Within each colony, termites have adapted to fill very specific roles. The queen termite’s only job is to produce more termites. And she’s well suited to the role. Queen termites produce around 2,000 eggs per day and can live a quarter of a century.

Termites live in underground colonies. They are several types of termites within each colony, based on the role they are intended to play. At the very top is the queen termite. Her only job is to produce more termites. The queen termite can produce more than 2,000 eggs per day and can live up to 25 years. That’s more than 15 million eggs during a queen’s lifetime.

The backbone of the colony are the worker termites. They are tasked with finding food, building the colony, and looking after every need of the queen. They are tireless and relentless. When termites have to travel overland or outside of their hidden tunnels, the worker termites produce mud-like tubes. These are a sure sign that there is a major termite infestation. If you see these, or any of your neighbours see these, contact the Pest Control Professional immediately. Once the colony is large enough, they can devour a new home within just three months.

Worker termites are quite distinct as they often have orange heads with sizable pincers. They defend the colony from ants and other competitors. Finally, alates are winged termites that fly to new areas with the goal of starting new colonies. Alates can breed and are an immediate sign that there is a large termite colony nearby.

Termite Treatment & Control

Termites eat dead termites. Understanding this behaviour is key in treating them effectively without having to rely on a wide use of chemicals. Bait that is poisonous only to insects can be placed at key spots to ensure that worker termites consume it and bring it back to the nest. When the worker dies from the bait, other workers will eat that one and thus continue the spread of the termite treatment deeper and deeper into the colony.

The termite control solutions utilized by the Pest Control Professional are totally safe for all members of the family, including little ones, as well as for the household pets. We use the same termite treatment options on our home that we do for our customers. They are environmentally-friendly, as well.

Termite Control Services for Altona

The Pest Control Professional has been helping Point Cook homes and businesses since 2008. Our reputation is built on friendly, honest service with results that are both effective and completely safe.

Call the Pest Control Professional today for immediate help in dealing with termites and other sorts of pests at 0404 856 605!

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