Caroline Springs Termite Control

Termites, also commonly known as white ants, are one of the biggest threats to homeowners in Caroline Springs. Infestation from termites can lead to significant damage to Victorian homes. Termites most often invade homes from their underground tubes. As a result, they are often hard to detect until considerable damage has already been inflicted. Homeowners and business in Caroline Springs owners alike should use annual treatments to prevent infestation and damage.

So just how damaging can a small pest actually be? Combine all of the property damage from floods, fire, storms, rains, and gales. Termites still more do more damage annually than all of that.

The best way to combat termites is with prevention. Acting before termites infest can cost you a few hundred collars. Acting after they have infested, will cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Many homeowners think that over the counter products will protect their home only to find later that it wasn’t enough. In addition store brought treatments are often loaded with harsh chemicals that can potentially be dangerous to your family or household pets.

The Pest Control Professional is the first choice for Caroline Springs against termites.

An Overview of Termites

The Pest Control Professional is an expert when it comes to dealing termite infestations as well as preventing them.

Termites build massive underground colonies centered around a queen. While most people assume that they are related to ants, termites are actually from the cockroach family. Ants and termites are fierce competitors. Each termite in the colony has a specific role, including workers and soldiers. The workers build the colony and find food.

The queen’s sole job is to produce more termites and she’s very good at her job. Queen termites can produce 2,000 eggs each day and they can live up to 25 years. That’s millions and millions of termites unleashed.

The most definitive sign of termite infestation are mud tubes in the crawlspace of buildings. These tubes are built by worker termites to protect them in exposed areas. This is a sure sign of a major termite infestation and the Pest Control Professional should be contacted immediately.

Once a termite colony has grown large enough, they can devastate an entire home within just three months.

In addition, there are a variety of termite with wings. These are called alates and they are designed to spread the colony to new locations. Alates can breed and establish a new queen. These are also another strong sign that there is a big termite colony nearby that is looking to grow.

Termite Treatment & Control

Understanding how termites behave is a key aspect to treating them. Termites eat their dead. This means that effective treatments can be passed from one termite. Environmentally safe treatments can be placed in bait traps for workers to collect and take back to the colony. When the worker dies from the bait, it will be spread quickly as other workers ingest the termite treatment.

All termite control solutions used by the Pest Control Professional are completely safe for all members of the family, including little ones, as well as for the family pets. We use the same termite treatment options on our home as we do for our customers. They are environmentally-friendly.

Termite Control Services for Caroline Springs

The Pest Control Professional has been helping Caroline Springs homes and businesses since 2008. Our reputation is built on friendly, honest service with results that are both effective and safe.

Call the Pest Control Professional today for immediate help in dealing with termites and other sorts of pests at 0404 856 605!

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