Wyndham Vale Termite Control

Termites are one of the biggest pests facing homeowners in Wyndham Vale. Known as white ants, termites infest from within the home, feasting upon wood and timber. Left unchecked, termites can cause significant property damage. The Pest Control Professional can stop termites before they ruin your home.

Termites most often enter the home through underground tubes. Due to this method, termites are often hard to detect until they are already there. If you see termites or any signs of termites on your property, it is essential to call the Pest Control Professional immediately to reduce further damage that they may have caused. The best way to prevent termites from entering your home is prevention. The Pest Control Professional recommends annual treatments to keep termites away.

The money spent protecting your home is well worth the investment. If you combine all of the property damage from floods, fire, rain, gales, wind, and storms, termites still do more than all of that combined each year.

Also, be careful with store bought termite treatments. They are often ineffective, require multiple doses, and can be loaded with harsh chemicals that can have toxic effects on your family, your pets, or your garden.

For Wyndham Vale, the first choice for protection against termites is the Pest Control Professional.

An Overview of Termites

It’s important to understand your enemy when it comes to dealing with pests. Each type of pests behaves differently and should be treated uniquely. That’s why the Pest Control Professional is the expert solution in dealing with termites, ants, spiders, rodents, and more.

The center of a termite colony is the queen. The thousands of termites in the colony have a single purpose, to support the queen so that she can create more and more termites. The queen is very good at her job, producing up to 2,000 termite eggs each day. Queens can live up to 25 years. That’s millions upon millions of termites produced by a single queen. Once a termite colony has grown large enough, they can completely ruin a home within 3 months.

Termite colonies are massive, sprawling underground complexes. The telltale sign of a termite colony are mud tubes. The workers use the mud tubes to travel in safety as they expand the colony and collect food. If you see mud tubes, then you have a definite sign of termite infestation and no times should be wasted in calling for professional help. Soldier termites defend the colony. One of the biggest enemies of termites are ants. Most people wrongly assume that ants and termites are related, but they are not. Termites actually belong to the cockroach family.

Did you know that there is a type of termite that has wings and can fly? When a termite colony reaches a certain size, the queen starts to produce a special type of termite called an alate. These termites fly away to establish a new colony. If you see winged termites, then you know that a sizeable termite colony is nearby.

Termite Treatment & Control

Understanding the behavior of termites is crucial in dealing with them. Termites consume dead termites. This means that effective treatments that exterminated one termite can be passed through the colony. The Pest Control Professional will use, in addition to other techniques, bait traps. These bait traps will entice termite workers with irresistible smells to consume the termite poison and bring it back into the colony. For termites, the treatment is very effective. For everyone else, it is safe and non-toxic.

When the worker dies from the bait trap, the treatment can then quickly as other workers and soldiers ingest the termite treatment.

All termite control solutions used by the Pest Control Professional are totally safe for the entire family, including your little ones and the family pets. We use the same termite treatment options on our home as we do for our customers. They are environmentally-friendly.

Termite Control Services for Wyndham Value

The Pest Control Professional has been protecting Wyndham Value homes and businesses since 2008. With a reputation built on friendly, honest service, the Pest Control Professional provides results that are both effective and safe.

Call the Pest Control Professional today for immediate help in dealing with termites and all other sorts of pests at 0404 856 605!

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