Ant Control

Ants are one of the most pervasive pests throughout the world. They live in colonies that can get very large very quickly. When you spot an ant or ant trail in your home, most often ants are looking for food or water. In Australia, the hot and dry months of the summer limit the amount of water that can be found outdoors. This is also the time when ants are the most annoying, because they are finding your kitchens and bathrooms where a single droplet of water can sustain hundreds of ants.

Ant trails can be extremely long to a colony that is far outside the home. Dealing with ants requires a pest control expert that can use multiple solutions to stop the ants from entering your home and, if necessary, killing the colony.

Ant Facts

Ants have a caste system based on their role in the colony. At the head of the colony is the queen. Large colonies can have more than one queen with a super-colony having thousands or tens of thousands of queens. The other varieties of ants in a colony are the soldiers and workers. Soldiers defend the colony from other species. If you’ve ever accidently stepped on an ant hill, you’ll see soldier ants rally to defend and bite you. Worker ants form the ant trails to gather food and water for the rest of the colony.

Did you know?

  • Termites and flying ants look very similar, but can be distinguished by their antennae
  • There are over 10,000 species of ants around the world and 1,300 species just in Australia
  • Ant trails work by using a pheromone that worker ants can follow by smell
  • The largest ant colony on record had 300+ million worker ants
  • Ants can bite that ranges from mildly irritating to very painful
  • Fire ants are an introduced species to Victoria and present serious problems to our economy and agriculture

Fire ants are an introduced species to Victoria and present serious problems to our economy and agriculture. They are very common now in Australia and are known for their aggressive behaviour, painful bites, and damage to native flora. The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics estimates that fire ants alone will cost Australia nearly $9 billion if they are not effectively controlled.

Get the Professional Pest Control Solution

Ant control starts with a thorough inspection to determine if the colony is inside or outside of the house. There are different treatments for both, but the most important is dealing with the ant trails. Since worker ants collect food and water for the colony, special types of pesticides can be used for the worker to take back to the colony. These pesticides are harmful only to insects and present to risk to human beings of any age or family pets.

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