Bee & Wasp Control

Bees and wasps are a big problem in Victoria. With so many children having allergies to bee stings, a bee hive can be a potentially life threatening infestation. There are several different species of bees and wasps, but they are all territorial and aggressive when they feel threatened.

Remember, only a professional pest control specialist should deal with bee hives and wasps nests.

Bee & Wasp Facts

Bees and wasps are well known as flying, stinging insects that are especially territorial. Wasps can sting multiple times and some species, such as the Yellow Jacket, will seek to sting up to a dozen times on the same spot. In addition to being quite painful, stings from both wasps and bees can cause allergic reactions that might require immediate medical attention. Both wasps and bees often nest in urban areas or parks that can present dangerous conditions, particularly for children.

Did you know?


  • There are 20,000+ species of bee
  • Most species of bees sting a single time
  • Bees will follow prey for hundreds of yards to continue stinging
  • An average bee colony has 50,000 drones
  • Bees will attack in swarms with a recipient receiving potentially hundreds of stings


  • Wasps have hundreds of thousands of species, including hornets
  • While rarely life threatening, wasps can and will sting multiple times
  • Wasp venom possesses a pheromone that causes other wasps to become aggressive and sting
  • Wasp stings can hurt for up to 24 hours, some people can enter anaphylactic shock
  • Wasps are most likely to sting in late summer when they most often come into contact with humans

The honey bee is the second most dangerous venomous animal behind snakes in terms of fatalities in Australia. They are far more dangerous than spiders and even sharks, particularly since around 3% of Australians have a severe allergy to bee stings. According to Australian Geographic, bees are given a 9/10 on the danger rating scale.

Get the Professional Pest Control Solution

Bees and wasps frequently nest near or inside of homes. This can make a special risk to children that are more susceptible to the venom in bee and wasp stings. The tolerance a child has for bee stings is less than half of an adult’s. You don’t have to live with the risk. There are effective treatments for bees and wasps that will eliminate them from your property and remove the risk to your family and your pets.

All of our work is 100% guaranteed and performed with safety as the foremost consideration. Contact the Pest Control Professional today for a free, no obligation quote on how to rid your home of bees and wasps. Call us today at 0404 85 65 05.